We deal with managers and presidents of communities of owners to offer our specific service for communities, who now have at their disposal a dynamic team of lawyers who specialise in the field of Property Law, and work in multiple languages. As a community customer you can expect:


* SPEED, see results within 48 hours of delivery of documentation.

* TOTAL TRANSPARENCY, we give closed quotes. That is to say, you know what you are going to pay from day one.

* COLLECTION MANAGEMENT, court  collection is free.

* SAVING, we apply a 50% discount on all matters affecting the community.

* COMMUNICATION, We can provide full monthly and annual reports on the progress of the community, and special reports on individual events, as requested.

* PERSONALIZED AND IMMEDIATE ATTENTION, contact us at any time via e-mail, we are committed to answer within a maximum period of 48 hours. You can also telephone during office hours, or organise a meeting.

* GENERAL INFORMATION, every month you will receive a newsletter with answers to FAQs from our customers.

* LANGUAGES, our team is made up of Spanish lawyers, fluent in English or German, and German native lawyers. By appointment, we can have translators available in other languages.

* MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY in resolving all matters.

Free consultation.